Speech on world health day

Celebrated on the 7th of April every year, World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated under the funding and the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other similar organizations. We all know that health is the real wealth without which we cannot accomplish our goals in life; therefore the day is celebrated to highlight its importance.

However, it’s often observed that people face problems in delivering a speech on world health day, maybe due to a lack of information or inability to frame a coherent speech. But don’t you worry as you can go through our samples and examples in the world health day speech. We keep the language very simple yet standard; our short speech on world health day and long speech on world health day help students (may also help doctors/medical professionals, if required) to deliver a speech on world health day.

Health is wealth



Good morning respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

I am obliged that my class teacher has selected me to address you all for today’s assembly. On this world health day, my agenda is to create awareness amongst you all about this day.

This day is specifically celebrated to grab attention on the subject of the importance of global health. This day is marked by the World Health Organization. Each year the agenda for celebrating this day is based on different criteria. Different varieties of events related to such particular themes are organized on the international and national levels by the WHO. Emphasize of such special issues are taken care of annually with deep dedication. This day is celebrated each year to create awareness about the health issues and health concerns amongst the entire population.

We all should focus on adhering to a good and healthy lifestyle. We should follow and promote a healthy living style and healthy living habits. As compared to the past trends and decades the immunity level today has decreased a lot, this is majorly due to the natural climatic changes and our inherited not so healthy lifestyle of ours. For our safety and well-being, we all should monitor our activities like eating, sleeping, etc, and ensure that we follow the standard desired healthy living habits throughout. We should work on creating awareness amongst others as well and must ensure to have a clean and healthy surrounding around for our well-being and the well-being of others.

The basic objective and agenda behind the celebration of world health day are to increase the public awareness of various causes, to provide detailed knowledge about getting prevented from various diseases, to motivate the worldwide health authorities to make their own efforts in creating the healthy environments in their country and many more. Though, health is such an area that is to be taken care of now and then and is not specifically dedicated to being addressed on one single day annually; but still many people out there deal with their health as not one on their priority list.

The two most common and easy modes of our health deterioration are our eating habits and the natural air of the surroundings that we inherit each second in us. Being healthy is not our goal it should be our living.

The most effective way of maintaining our health is having a regular habit of exercising. Exercise helps an individual to build themselves strongly within with natural inherited things. A few basic things that help us in ensuring good health are healthy eating habits, proper timely sleep, regular routine for exercise, ample drinking of water, safe urinary habits, daily washing habits, etc.

Please ensure to monitor each of your habits and create awareness amongst others as well. Thank you, everyone, for being my audience and I hope we all together will eventually enable the world to be more aware and cautious about their healthy habits and wellbeing.

Thank you, everyone!


Greetings of the day everyone. Our organization has specially organized this health check-up campaign today. Before we all get busy with the campaign, let me talk to you all about the reason behind arranging this.

Today this campaign is being arranged on the occasion of World Health Day. This day just like today is always celebrated on the 7th of April. World Health Organization has necessarily declared this day as World Health Day so as to make sure that people get to be aware of the health issues and concerns. We as individuals owe this responsibility to ourselves to ensure that we live a healthy life by adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.

People nowadays don’t take their health and the related issues too seriously as they know how easy it is to visit a doctor and take one dose of medicine and get back to the perfect health. They should realize that this medication deep down deteriorates our level of immunity and makes us more prone to such diseases. Natural health and wellbeing is a very crucial things to be maintained throughout.

With the changing trends, corporates have specifically established their NGOs and corporate associations so as to address one of the major issues of health that exists in society at present. There is no age bar on whose health is more at the stake of being impacted by natural and personal deeds. Children, senior citizens, students, women, men, etc everybody has this concern at stake for themselves. We all should ensure the adoption of the best healthy habits for ourselves and our near and dear ones.

A healthy diet and regular exercise routine are the best combinations that one can adhere to for leading a healthy and well-versed life. Proper nutritional habits eating should be adopted from childhood for children so that since starting they have a strong immune system for future life.

World Health Day dedicatedly provides us all with an opportunity to come together for one day every year to focus on actions that can improve the health of all our people and side by side address all the key concerns of health taking the verge of the majority of people at present.

We all should make it our habit every day, think about the habits that we opted for that day; from how much water we drank to did we exercise to the urinary habit that we adopted, etc. It is only in our hands to make our life healthy and have a great immune system.

All those who at present consume medicines for high blood pressure or any other disease should focus on how to get rid of them through natural work and natural deeds for a healthy life.

Now let’s get started and see our improvement areas and focus on how can better our health and lead a well-versed healthy life for ourselves and our near and dear ones. A healthy lifestyle and healthy surrounding is the key aspect of World Health Day.

Thank you!


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I warmly welcome you all to the 7th health program organized by our managing committee.

This day is not only special because of the successful completion of 6 years of our NGO that works towards spreading health awareness amongst the masses, but also because it’s World Health Day today. Since many of you perhaps do not be knowing anything or much about this day, I would like to address this topic in the speech ceremony today. World Health day, ladies and gentlemen is a national health awareness day that is observed on the 7th of April every year. It is the World Health Organization (WHO), including other such organizations that lend its support to celebrating this important day.

Since health should be of paramount importance for all of us and nothing should be prioritized over or above it because it is said that a sound mind lies in a healthy body and in the absence of good health and hence a sound mind he/she cannot build empires or contribute towards the economic development of a nation-state. Therefore, with this realization, the WHO in the year 1948 organized the first World Health Assembly. It is this assembly that decided to observe the 7th April of every year from 1950 onwards as World Health Day.

World Health Day is organized to commemorate the founding of WHO and is also perceived as an opportunity by the organization to draw the attention of people from all over the world towards this crucial subject matter of global health year after year. There are various global, national as well as local events being organized by the WHO based on a particular theme. It is perceived by different governmental as well as non-governmental organizations with an interest in issues related to public health. On this day, such organizations as Global Health Council, also organize different activities with complete support from the media. World Health Day is one of the eight official campaigns of global health observed by WHO, in addition to

  1. World Tuberculosis Day
  2. World Immunization Week
  3. World Malaria Day
  4. World No Tobacco Day
  5. World AIDS Day
  6. World Blood Donor Day
  7. World Hepatitis Day

As with every year, there are different captivating themes to attract people’s attention, I would also like to draw your attention to these. In the year:

  • 2006: It was “Working together for health
  • 2007: Invest in health, build a safer future
  • 2008: Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change
  • 2009: Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies
  • 2010: Urbanization and health
  • 2011: Antimicrobial Resistance
  • 2012: Ageing and Health
  • 2013: Healthy Blood Pressure
  • 2014: Small Bite, Big Threat
  • 2015: Food Safety
  • 2016: Diabetes
  • 2017: Depression: Let’s talk

So as you can realize from the themes that an emphasis has been laid down on the overall health and in fact mental issues, efforts have been put in by the WHO to help people combat them so that they can build a good physical as well as mental health. In fact, we should also contribute to this cause as much as we can and try to build a disease-free society.

Thank You!


Dear Society Members and Lovely Children – Warm Greetings to one and all!

As you all know why we have assembled here, i.e. to observe this great day called World Health Day which is gaining huge importance with every passing year amongst the people worldwide. As we know the times are changing and life has become really fast-paced, especially in metropolitan cities. The desire to outdo others, earn more money, and become the most influential in society is what deriving people crazy due to which they have failed to achieve a work-life balance in their lives.

Due to this imbalance and deteriorating food eating habits, people are becoming divorced from a healthy, normal life and are living a mechanical lifestyle where work and even excessive workload have replaced everything. In the day-to-day schedule, people don’t even have time to look after their health, exercise, and indulge in healthy food eating habits. As a consequence of which they are becoming prone to severe health conditions. Even worse, due to overriding ambitions and the constant struggle to realize those ambitions, people are living under excessive mental pressure. Their inability to adapt to the highly competitive environment and thwarted efforts are making them feel depressed and succumb to chronic mental conditions.

As this has become a global phenomenon that every country is grappling with, the need to draw people’s attention to World Health Day has become of paramount importance. Friends, World health day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April under the aegis of the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, this year’s World Health Day marks the 70th anniversary of the WHO.

Established in the year 1950, every annual celebration has a theme to draw people’s attention to the current global health concern. Interestingly, the WHO on this day puts together local, regional as well as international events in connection with the chosen theme. Local governments also try to be a part of this bandwagon because after all, global health implies each and every one! On this day, people are urged to walk a few extra miles out of concern for their health and start a healthy diet or start the intake of multi-vitamins or consider going to the gym.

Even better, you can volunteer for our local events or may organize one in our society. You can also contribute to this day by simply spreading the word around about the importance of good health and the ill effects of an unbalanced lifestyle. Every year, the WHO comes with a different and compelling theme, but has always made sure to cover the most important issues, such as Staying active while aging, Global Polio Eradication, including even road safety. Every such issue is deemed to be extremely important from the point of view of global health and so they deserved special limelight of their very own on this day.

In the end, all I want to say on this World Health Day is that I would like to urge my society members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and also encourage others to do so because this is the way we can bring if not big but at least some glimpse of change in our immediate surroundings.

Thank You!