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Motivational quotes for work

If, even the time speaks, It’s not for you.

Though, never mind.

Work hard to change the time and make the time to speak it’s one and only for you.

The success is what we achieve.

And the true success is what we gain it time.

Till you don’t face.

You don’t learn.

Kids – Design his/her pic in photoshop.

Legends – Design his/her future with present work.

If, once you came in the hangover of success.

Then be unstoppable till you achieve it.

It’s true that, No one has seen the future.

But, it’s also true that, One can make the future as he/she wants.

Nothing is so easy.

We do have to make the thing easy

As big as your dream,

So big as you should have hunger to achieve it.

The taste of success is as much as your hard-work.

Assuring your target work for it.

You will wonder to know your power.

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