Privacy Policy

Do we collect data from you?

It’s yes if the people have interested in our website and they provide their name and email to us, to get connected with us. It’s no if they do not want to share any personal detail with us. It means it depends upon the people what they want. We do not force anyone to submit them any kind of their personal detail. Our service is the same for all.

Why do we collect emails?

We collect emails only for the purpose of providing better services to interested people on our website. They may receive additional emails about our future updates and new posts by us. The emails and other information about a visitor is fully secured by us. We do not share this information with the third party at any cost. We are responsible for our privacy policy.

To know more about us go to the ‘about‘ page in the main menu and if you have any question regarding our privacy policy you can contact us in ‘contact’ page in the main menu or you  can also directly contact us by emailing at