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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment! Do we all ever think about it? Should we increase and promote it more? Are we really trying to create awareness among people about this? The crowd in a chorus will say loudly “Yes” but my inner voice says “No”. Yes, that’s true that no one is trying to make awareness towards women empowerment. But, what actually is this so-called Women Empowerment? Basically, it is a movement for the right of women, for their respect too. Demanding the rights for women, freedom for women is not such an easy task. It is not just a cakewalk.

When we come on a stage and start giving a speech especially on social topics related to women we speak with high energy. The positive vibe, excitement and aggression in the public can not only be seen but can feel too. But is this powerful speech is enough? Is this impacting? Only for the time when we are in that crowd! But when comes back to home, all become the same and gets neutral. Again start giving orders to the females of their homes and all. All that speech, motivational speak gets waste mostly. Women empowerment can be brought by managing the generation gap and changing the orthodox mentality.

Women’s impact on society

In our society, we can see now how females are dealing with not only household works but are also handling their official works too excellently. If women now, are working with freedom, then why we need to talk about this empowerment topic for women? We have to! Yes, it is the most important topic to be discussed. Women are the most important and essential part of society. Like we can’t live without water, women too are like that water, the essential one. We all know, we are here surviving today because of our mother. But, we also know that how women are forced to work which they don’t want and are forced to stop their favourite work hobbies. One of the most important topics is domestic violence. Whenever women tried to take a step for their own hobbies, they became feed of domestic violence.

Women Empowerment essay

Voice for empowering women

We listen that our ancestors used to say that if the base and pillars of a home are not strong, the home is not safe and not strong too. Like this similarly, women are the base and pillars of our home. From many decades the women are not given rights, they are stopped to study due to which they get depressed and yet many women to complain the same thing. Now also, the one who gives an energetic speech on stage is not taking action for women empowerment at their own home. In fact, a female sometimes stands against the thoughts of women who want the right for them.

Demanding the rights, honour and respect for women can be seen in many news channels. Sometimes by protesting or sometimes by doing any dramatic act. But tell me friends, is our society is too stubborn? Why women of our society need to demand their freedom, respect, honour? Isn’t it is their right? It is, yes it is but the mentality is suppressing and trying all to stop females to demand their rights. I know you all might be thinking that if it is only for respect, honour, and rights. No, not at all. The empowerment movement of women includes providing education to them, by giving them positivity, by giving them the freedom to do what they want to do. Socially, educationally, economically, politically, all these aspects are demanding women empowerment.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment

But now, gradually, but still a change is observed. The government started many programmes. Some of them are ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao‘, ‘Mahila Shakti Kendra‘, ‘Sukanya Samridhi Yojna‘ and many others. And many women participated in these programmes. Now we can see gender equalities in India but still, it’s limited up to some cities, families and other area’s. We have to develop this gender equality to all over India. Introducing the women empowerment movement in India was not so easy, the social workers first faced many difficulties. They went door to door to create awareness among women for their rights. Still, due to the culture, the women did not agree.

But if we want rights, okay, you don’t want, I agree! But not women want to see their daughters spend their life like they spend because they are mothers. All want their daughter to be highly educated. So for this study to the women have to come in front. Yes, women themselves are the biggest positivity for them and the society needs to change the mentality because the empowerment will be for you itself when your child gets a chance to prove herself, one feels proud.

Breathe, feel, get free and empowerment is all yours!

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