Terrorism in India | short & long essay on terrorism

Hello, and welcome to another very important topic, essay on terrorism. This is one of the very serious issues to be discussed. To make it easy for all, we have prepared two pieces on it. One is short for children and longs for higher standard students. So let’s go ahead and know the terrorism in India.

Short essay on terrorism

Terrorism is a term that we regularly encounter in our day to day life. There is no fixed definition of terrorism. However, it encompasses a variety of events and concepts. It aims to monger fear among individuals by illegal means, coercion, and brutality. It is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing right now as it doesn’t only affect a person or a group but the entire world.

Terrorism and it’s victims

It is said that terrorism has no religion and so one cannot find a real motive behind it, but often it arises out of political or religious agendas. E.g., In Syria, ISIS militants waged war against non-Muslims in the name of religion or jihad, whereas the Kashmir valley in India is an age-old victim of terrorist activities and disruptions over political indifferences. Terrorism includes random killings, bomb blasts, destroying public property, suicide attacks, kidnappings, hijacking, cyber-attacks, crossing the country’s borders, etc. They are also indulged in nuclear warfare and armed insurgency against governments. The aim of political terror groups varies from hampering the government functioning of the country.

Seceding and forming another country, acquiring a share in a country’s resource, or many groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISIS, Jaish-e- Mohammad, etc. are recognized as major terrorist groups in the world. Terrorism is spreading fear among people and making them insecure like never before. From infants to older people are all severely affected by it. Terrorism has become a global threat that needs to be controlled. The UNO, as well as several agencies around the world along with intelligence organizations and the security forces, are the front line warriors against terrorism. We need to stand firm and united against terrorism to restore faith in humanity and make this world a better place to live.


Long essay on terrorism

What is terrorism? There is no such proper definition to define terrorism. But with the word terrorism, we can think of something illegal, brutal, harmful, destructive, and may more negative words like that the word terror in terrorism means ‘fear.’ Terrorists spread fear among people. It can be said as an act of violence to threaten the government or a population to achieve political or religious goals illegally. Disbelief in humanity can be seen as the primary cause, which gives birth to illegal practices like terrorism.

India has suffered many terrorist attacks in the last few decades. The most recent terrorist attack was in Pulwama, Jammu, on February 14, 2019. Many soldiers lost their lives in this attack. Some other major terrorist attacks were Attack of 26/11 Mumbai, Uri Attack, and many more. There is more than 100 terrorist group in India. Every terrorist group may have different ideologies, goals, and different ways to achieve them. Some many agencies and organizations fight against terrorism. Like the National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

Types of terrorism

There are five types of terrorism. Those are:

  • State-sponsored terrorism: These are those groups who want a separate stare or a country.
  • Dissent in terrorism.
  • Terrorists and the left and right.
  • Religious terrorism: One religious community attacks others. They kill many innocent people in the name of religion.
  • Criminal terrorism.

It’s birth

Terrorism is a challenge for both national and international levels. Countries like America and Europe have also suffered from terrorist attacks. We need to fix terrorism at the international level. This is one of the biggest problems in the entire world. Every affected county is trying to fix this problem, but no country has achieved success.

Here are some of the causes due to which terrorism is increasing day by day:

  1. The population is increasing. An increase in population leads to a rise in demand, which cannot be fulfilled by the government. Due to this, they lack trust in the government system. This emerges aggressiveness in them, and they took illegal steps.
  2. Bad influence is another main cause of this. A bad influence can ruin positive emotions in a person. Feeling of mercy for such a person is nothing.
  3. Excessive productions of weapons like guns, nuclear bombs, atom bombs, missiles, etc. has to lead to an increase in terrorism.
Result of terrorism

The common man mostly affects by terrorism. Sometimes the Government fails to stop the attacks and gets weaker. Terrorism directly hurt public property. Several times its seen that it distracts the finance of the nation. There is the belief of many Indians that Pakistan is the county that gives birth to terrorists and terrorism. But this is a wrong belief. A terrorist attack happened in Karachi, Pakistan, 2015, in which a school was targeted. Many students and teachers lost their lives in that terrorist attack. Pakistan is also not untouched from terrorism.

Final words

People should understand religion properly. People give more importance to religion than humanity. Every religion teaches love, kindness, humanity, moral values. We should keep humanity above all. No religion asks to spread fear among people, or kill innocent in than the name of religion. Religion teaches us to love each and everything which is made by or given by god. An educated person knows what is right for him. Proper education is a must to make a terrorism free county.

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