Social media essay|Advantages, Disadvantages

While we cover almost all essay topics, then how can we forget about the most demanded essay topic? Essay on Social media. So here, we have provided two articles on it. One is short, and another is long. The quick social media essay contains above 250 words, and the long one contains above 650 words.

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Short essay on social media

Social media is the medium or platform where people share ideas, thoughts, services, and many more over virtual networks and communities. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LikedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the popular social media platforms. Most of the youngsters and adults are using these platforms. Social media can be said as a connecting platform. It connects people from all around the world.

How social media became gamechanger?

Social media has to lead to a complete transformation of the world. Just think of something which is not available on social media? The earlier only communication was done on social media. But nowadays everything is sold as well on social media. From pin to a plane, everything is now available on social media. People make money on social media by using different techniques. Pros and cons of social media

Pros and cons of social media

Every coin has two sides. Social media has also affected many relationships. Many people had caught their loved ones cheating on them on social media. People are now highly addicted to social media. In some people, the habit of checking phone frequently is developed. People spend more time on social media rather than spending time with friends, which has ruined many relationships. They don’t get enough sleep, and its effect can be seen in their health. This social media culture has influenced ‘the show off culture’. This emerges the feeling of jealousy in others.

Social media has also caused mental sickness and depression for many peoples. Social media can be seen as a distraction for students. They spend more time on these platforms due to this; they are unable to focus on their academics. The excess of anything is wrong. Using social media in a limit is good, but one should not exceed its limits to welcome problems in their life.

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social media essay

Long essay on social media

Since ancient times, communication has been an integral part of our life.  Starting from pigeon posts to social media and smartphones, we have come a long way. Today, social media is an essential part of our life. A necessary aspect of this is over time. There is not only a means of communication that changed but also how we communicate and what we deliver has also changed a lot.

Edge of Social media

In the 21st century, social media has emerged as a revolution. Some of the factors like ease of usage, Rising urbanization, individualism, and break down of social structures like family because of which people became so isolated and emotionally insecure.  These factors contributed to the increasing popularity of social media. It has helped in making people more tolerant and has broadened the mental horizons. It enabled people to contact their families and loved once quickly those who live far away from each other.

The number of comments, likes, and followers has become a status symbol. New talents are now recognized quickly, and so there is a rise in social media celebrities and influencers. Social media has led to the commodification of life where every aspect of life is open for public consumption. E.g. craze for selfies, location updates, etc. People prefer meeting and interaction virtually than socially now, and so it has brought people closer, drawing them away from each other.


Social media has changed the ways of functioning of a lot of things socially, politically, and economically. It is widely used for political campaigning and advertising; as a tool for eliciting opinions of people on schemes, initiatives, and mobilizing support for political movements. It has made massive changes like it gave rise to ‘citizen journalism’ and now it’s being called the 5th pillar of democracy.

Social media has become a means of free speech and expression. Various campaigns like ‘ME TOO MOVEMENT‘ has become very popular and attracted a large number of people. Also, numerous online protests for rape victims and dissenting against government policies have made a significant mark. It has also enabled people to become more consciously aware of the environment and environmental protection. Also, it has generated new sources of employment such as digital marketing, content writing, etc. every organization now has a separate social media department that handles the reviews and ratings of the people on their various products. E-COMMERCE has become a broader platform to boost business and multiple startups, and also it has enabled remote handicrafts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although social media is known for its accessibility in India, digital penetration continues to skew against rural areas owing to the lack of digital education and lack of resources.  Also, in recent times, serious allegations are being pointed against social media which includes privacy, internal security, psychological and physical problems, cyber crimes, spreading fake news, and communal venom. Over time we saw an increase in communal riots arising out of hatred and fake news on social media. Issues of surveillance and election meddling happened on various social media platforms. Also, the problem of trolls where people have been subjected to incessant, which also gives rise to false notions of beauty and physical standard increasing narcissism.  One of the most dangerous potential consequences of social media is distraction among children in studies, and in adults too, this has increased the number of accidents over the years.

Regulation of social media presents a widespread dilemma of attempting to balance between the right to freedom and the right to speech and expressions. There are specific laws for the use and operation of social media in various countries across the world which is needed to be followed. One should be taught in schools and colleges about the correct way of using social media. Social media has become a double-edged sword, and one must be aware of its use and consequences. With increasing digital penetration and enhancing the development of applications, the rise of social media is indispensable. As Victor Hugo said-‘no power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come’. Today, this power is social media.

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