Same-sex marriage

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Short essay on sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is termed as gay marriage, specifying to marriage between the same gender, whether it may be a male couple or a female one. In this era, where term equality stands firm on the ground, some of the countries viz. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Taiwan, and many more allow same-sex marriages. But then the question arising is, are these marriages to be held before the laws or not, are they a victory or vice to our country? But the answer to all this again changes according to an individual’s perspective. The same-sex needs to be considered inhuman and civil right as everyone is free to place up their choices.

Significance of same-sex marriage

But there it introduces several serious issues, where first comes up about parenting. A same-sex marriage moves up for Vitro fertilization which will surely make a family where the child will stay away from either his/her biological mother or father. Whereas even after a mindful research, parenting by same-sex couples has turned inadequate. Also, some research papers suggest children lively raised by same-sex parents are more likely to experience gender and sexual disorders. Here we can even term that same-sex marriage would further drop off the expectation of parental commitment.

Talking more about this does not specify any negligence to other positive aspects of same-sex marriage. Raising a voice for or against same-sex marriage is an individual perspective, but while looking upon the issues, they are long-lasting and need a great look and work on them.

sex marriage essay

Long “sex marriage essay”

Sex marriage or same-sex marriage or gay marriage is a marriage between two people having same-sex or gender, which is not common. Netherland is the first country that legalized same-sex marriage on April 1, 2001. And now it is legally performed in 29 countries, which includes countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, and many others. India is one of the 72 countries where homosexuality is legal. Same-sex marriage is still not legal in India.

why is same-sex marriage an issue?

The main issue of same-sex marriage is a child needs the love of both parent mother and father, which lacks in same-sex marriage. These couples cannot bear babies themselves; they entertain methods like sperm donation (for lesbians), surrogacy program (for gay), or adopted child. These methods do not give feelings and attachment to their child, which can be experienced by healthy couples. Generally, gay couples are less likely to have a child. But those couples who raise a child lacks a mother’s love, emotional support, and this may cause a gap between parent and child. While in the case of a lesbian child lacks a fathers love. A study says children of these couples are more likely to face gender and sexual disorders.

Human rights and civil rights organizations are the main supporters of same-sex marriage. There is a community called LGBT, which celebrates pride, diversity, individuality, and sexuality. L stands for lesbian when two females are attracted to each other they are called Lesbians. G stands for Gay when two males are attracted to each other they are called Gay. B stands for Bisexual; they are those people who are attracted to both male and female. T stands for Transgender; they are a physical mixture of both sexes.

Should this be legalized?

A heterogeneous couple (include one male and one female) experience better physical satisfaction and mental health than a homogeneous couple (consists of a couple with the same gender). These kinds of the couple and their respective families face the humiliation of society, which is not suitable for a healthy mental condition. People make fun of these people and try to stay away from such couples. Over humiliation may lead to depression also can cause a break up (separation) between the couple. In some cases, these couples try to attempt suicide.

Same-sex marriage is considered a violation of natural law; society finds it hard to accept such kind of people. A major religious group mainly opposes the culture of same-sex marriage, which is a very wrong practise due to these sort of problems peoples fears to disclose their sexual interest. Everyone should have the right to choose their life partner. The legalization of same-sex marriage has led to relief to these kinds of couples.

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