My school essay for school students | 250 & 500 words

Hello dear children and students. School time is the all-time memory for every student. So it’s essential to know how you describe your school. So here through my school essay, we will discuss the school. To make the essay easy, we have prepared two topics on it. Short 250 words essay on my school for class1-5 standard students. And long 500 words essay for class 6-9 standard students. So read it carefully and very good luck from Mbthought.

250 words my school essay for class 1-5

A school is a place where small minds are prepared for great tasks, where one spend most of their childhood to nurture their minds and grow as an intelligent human being, where we learn the fundamental values of life and skills. They provide us with education and build our character for a better tomorrow.

My school is a mixture of modern ways of imparting knowledge and a good infrastructure. Some excellent teachers ensure the development and growth of their students by teaching them fundamental human values along with regular studies. There are various events and competitions held in school so that we can develop our skills and showcase our talents. The morning assembly, where we pray to God and thank him for all that we have teaches us the values of gratitude and obedience. Also, the physical training exercises and various sports keep us healthy, both physically and mentally. It shows us the importance of respect, self-discipline, and perseverance. It is a place where we learn how education is an essential aspect of our life.

Role of school behind a children

Best teachers and students make the best school indeed. A school always motivates and supports its children to do better in their lives.  A child should consider himself lucky if he gets to learn in the right school and provided with decent education because there are many, who still can’t afford to go to school and even dreaming about it.

Schools are the most significant assets for any nation. It doesn’t only shape the destiny of the child but his family and his country as a whole. Since education is the only weapon that can change the world, the schools of today and the teachers are the biggest hope as they have the future of the nation in their hands.

essay on my school
My school

Long 500 words essay on my school for class 6-9

Education plays an essential role in an individual’s life. And schools play an essential role in educating and nurturing brilliant minds to be successful and worthy of anything in their life. School serves as the first place in the life of a person where he can get an education; it consists of a significant part of one’s life. Thus, for valuing education, one must not forget the importance of school.

A school is a place where each child is given a platform to learn, nurture, and to grow. The capacities and capabilities of a child are identified, and he/she is motivated to achieve more. It is said that the teachers and students altogether make the school and it is true indeed. Teachers are the only ones who contribute to the highest well being of a child and put their best efforts into developing their personality. They sow the seeds of human values and morality apart from bookish knowledge and primary education that help the child to grow into a good human being.

About my school

Starting from morning assembly, the school promotes the quality of discipline and self-organization among the children. The sense of gratitude and belief in god are developed in the school children that fill them with a positive outlook towards things. The daily exercises in various games and the P.T. period help them to grow into an energetic individual both physically and mentally and also promotes healthy competition and comradeship among children. Numerous artistic and literary competitions develop soft values of children and give them a place to explore themselves.

Picnics and excursions also help them to discover the outer world and explore it. A school is a place where one makes innumerable memories with their classmates and teachers that are forever. A childhood without school is incomplete. It is a place where we spend at least 12 years of our life that molds us into what we are today and helps us to achieve our aim and fulfill our ambitions.

Importance of school

Schools are the biggest asset to any nation. They help in training young minds so that they can be an asset to the country’s prosperity and development. Those nations that focus on developing education infrastructure are the most prosperous nations to date. Although the right to education is secured in the Indian constitution, there are many children, especially in rural areas of our country, for whom education is a distant dream. However, the government is trying its best to get them access to education by different measures but still, there is a lot of gaps that are needed to be covered.

Children who get to study in a good school and able to get a decent education should consider themselves lucky, as many still pray to be in a school. A person’s success depends upon how much he took his school and education seriously. A school is the foundation of success; therefore; we must understand the importance of it and value it.

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