My mother essay in English for children

Welcome children to another hot essay topic that is My Mother essay. Up to 5th standard students, it always asked to write an essay on mother. So we are here to with the same. We all love our very much and can easily describe our mother as much as its possible. But here we have prepared only two essays, i.e. one short and another long. I request to all to have the idea from these bellow written essay and to make a good one that fits on you.

Short essay on My Mother

Mother is the primary expression of a kid. My mom is the most valuable endowment of God for me. It is an exceptionally moving assignment for me to portray her in words. For each youngster, the mother is the most mindful and adoring individual they have ever met throughout everyday life. My mom additionally has each one of those characteristics that a mother has. We have six individuals in our family; my dad’s mother, my grandparents, and my more youthful sister and me. However, my mom is the main part for whom we can call our home “A Home”.

Mother is the key player of our home

My mom is a morning person. She gets up at first light and starts her timetable. She takes appropriate consideration of us and feeds us diverse delightful food. My mom knows all the preferences of every single individual from our family. She even stays alarmed and checks whether my grandparents have had their meds on schedule or not. My granddad calls my mom ‘the supervisor of the family’ as she can deal with each and everything in the family. 

I have grown up with the ethical lessons of my mom. She directs me in each stroll of my life. She comprehends my sentiments and bolster me in my terrible occasions and motivates me in my great minutes. My mom encourages me to be a restrained, reliable, and dependable individual. My mom is a tree for our family who gives shade to us. Even though she needs to oversee heaps of work, she keeps quiet and cool constantly. She doesn’t become irritated even in troublesome circumstances. There is a unique power of profound devotion between my mom and me, and I generally implore God to keep my mom fit and sound for eternity.

My mother essay
Unconditional Mother’s Love

Long essay on My Mother

My mother is just like an ordinary woman, but for me, she is my superhero. She supports me and encourages me too in my every decision. Despite depending on the situation, she is always there for me. Her dedication, devotion, every work, conduct, and persistence are similar to inspiration for me. In this essay, I will let you know why my mother is so special to me.

WHY I LOVE HER SO MUCH? Not because she is my mother I love her. I respect her because she was my voice at that time when I couldn’t speak. She takes care of me when I don’t even know what does the word care means. In addition to it, she teaches me how to speak, walk, and take care of myself. I took every big step is all because of my mother. Because if she would not help me to learn how to take small steps, then I could never take big steps in my life. 

Mother’s love & strength

She is a spirit of love, sincerity, and truthfulness. Her soul and love are pure. She always showers her family with lots of love and with lots of blessings. She never asked anything in return, although she always gives us everything. Her love is only for her family; in spite, she treated every stranger and animals with equal care and love. She always treats the environment and animals very kindly. 

She faces every obstacle of life and family too. However, she is not very strong physically but knows how to handle such situations. Whenever I am in a challenging situation, she encourages me to be like her. She told me to try again and again till I get success. All of the above, she not only helps me to improve my skills but also helps in studies. 

Companino of trouble

I always ran to my mom whenever my dad scolds me because I know she is the only one who can save me from dad at that time. She is always there for me whether the problem is too small or too big. Mother is that human who becomes the light of their child’s darkness and guides them in the right way. She always holds my head on her till I fall asleep. In the worst times, she will never leave me. In this cursed world, you can only trust only one person who will never guide you wrong or never be happy in your sad times which is “MOTHER”. Yes, she will always be there whether you hate her also. 

Final words

For every child, their mother is so special to them. She is a strict parent, a great teacher, and a lovely friend. She also takes care of everyone’s need in-home except herself. If there is anyone who can love you like your mother, then only GOD can do so. No one in this world will love you more than your mother. It’s not for only my mother but for all the mothers in the world who lives her life for their family deserves respectfully praiseworthy applause. 

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