Essay on pollution, causes, ways to control

Welcome everyone with an important essay topic. Essay on pollution. We all are very familiar with pollution and it’s shocking realities. We have tried our best to sum up each and every important information on pollution in this essay. This pollution essay is going to inform you about its cause, types, ways of control pollution and much more. We all should know about this environment pollution. So without delay lets go to the topic, essay on pollution.


We all are very familiar with pollution. We all know about the reaction of pollution. Nowadays the word pollution has become a subject of worry. It’s hurting the lives and the environment. Now it has reached an extreme level where it’s really difficult to control. The reason behind this and the result of pollution is very clear to us. Every unwanted or foreign particle that can be poisonous and harming the lives and the environment is called pollution. If it’s not controlled then the whole universe may destroy one day.

Governments of each nation are taking steps to control it. However, it’s impossible if people are not aware of it. We have to change our habits, lifestyles and need a great contribution to this environment if we really want to control it. The effects are already seen among living beings. The average age of life for humans has become 60 years which was 80 years earlier. Not only this but in some of the most polluted areas like Delhi, The average age has become 40- 50 years. We can see new virus diseases attacks and killing thousands of people. The time has come when if we don’t do anything to control it, This will destroy everything.

essay on pollution

Cause of pollution

There are a number of reasons for this pollution. Starting from very small things like washing clothes in open water like a river. There to put every industrial waste into the river. From our day to day works like, Bathing in river or Bathing waters drains connected to the river. Using plastics, burning of plastics, deforestation, Smokes coming out from vehicles etc. We have become much more crucial towards the environment. Our activities are now indirectly taking innocent wild lives. For commercial purposes tons of plastics are used daily, thousands of trees are cut for making papers. Every day millions of cubic feet of gas are realised in industries. If we look forward and think about pollution, we can find thousands of activities we are doing which is not good for this environment. Pollution is polluting different natural resources which are harming our lives.

Types of pollution

Major 5 Types of pollution.

  1. Water pollution
  2. Air pollution
  3. Soil pollution
  4. Noise pollution
  5. Light pollution

Other various types of pollution.

Impacts of pollution

The environment has become too polluted and this pollution is affecting us in several ways. Some of the great impacts of pollution are listed below.

  1. The average age of human beings has decreased – We can realise this very well. We used to see people living 100 years earlier. But nowadays this is limited up to 60.
  2. Diseases have increased – Due to the poisonous environment, poisonous gases in the environment, non-organic fruits and vegetables, disease are attacking too quickly. We are always listening to new diseases and viruses killing hundreds of people.
  3. Many wild animals became extinct – Deforestation is the very saddest reality for which animals are getting extinct. We are taking their shelters. 
  4. Natural hazards – We can see in the news that cyclonic storms are too common nowadays. Every year cyclonic storms destroy hundreds of places. These are nothing but the indirect action of nature to our pollution. 
  5. Lack of oxygen in the air – According to recent news in India, Delhi is the most polluted city of India and there is very little pure oxygen. People are suffering from heart and lung diseases. Delhi people are going to oxygen bar paying per hour rate just to take pure breathing. 

Nothing is hidden, We all can see the reality and can imagine the future if no action is taken. 

Challenges with pollution control

  1. Replacement of plastics – Plastic has become an essential thing of our day to day life. It’s cost-effective and easy to produce. It’s reusable to some extent. But single-use plastic which is not reusable, People couldn’t find yet it’s competitive. Companies are using single-use plastic for several packaging purposes. We use plastic carry bags, drinking water bottles. This is not limited up to this. There are thousands of ways by which we are consuming the use of plastics. Now we need an eco-friendly plastic replaceable material that can fulfil our requirements.
  2. Use less artificial chemicals – The most use of artificial chemicals which pollute the environment is fertilizer. Chemical fertilizer that is used, Not only affects the natural resource of our vegetables But also polluting soil and water. The chemicals in the fertilizer mix with soil and destroy the soil for the long term. The chemicals are also mixed with rivers water through rainwater. We can’t stop using fertilizers too because we need sufficient vegetables to feed the population.
  3. Industrial importance – We all understand the importance of the industry. It’s important to fulfil our instrumental requirements. Also important for job and business. This way it creates a financial flow in the ecosystem. But on the other hand, an industry produces waste or pollution in a huge amount for daily. 
  4. Use of petrochemical vehicles – Petrochemical vehicles are polluting the air and also important for our life. Governments focusing on e-vehicles to control air pollution by petrochemical vehicles. Still, it is not 100 % applicable in India.

Besides these points, there are many more challenges to control pollution.

Ways to control pollution

There are ways to control it to some extent. For this, we need to change our lifestyle and have to make people aware of the result of pollution. Pollution is not created by a single person, it’s the result of every citizen. We all have to be very thankful about the environment if we need a pollution-free environment. To do this we need to change some basics of our lives.

  1. We have to be supportive of all environmental projects organised by government and non-government corporate. To summarise this, We should change our habit of single-use plastic. We should adopt e-vehicles. Need to keep our area clean and should use dustbins according to the waste material. 
  2. Industries producing polluted air in large amounts should use air purifiers to minimise the amount of polluted air.
  3. Cutting trees is a major issue. Deforestation is the single reason for 60% of total pollution. We should think before cutting a single tree. And planting trees is very important to survive the environmental ecosystem.

Apart from these, there are several steps to control pollution. The best way to control pollution is to think over every single thing that is polluting the environment. There is always an alternative. We have to think first for the pollution before we search for ideas for alternatives or control the pollution.

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