Essay on nature for school students | 250 & 500 words

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250 words essay on nature for class 1-5

The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word Nature is its Serenity. It has a lot of benefits for health and the mind which makes nature the best medicine. Let’s see some of the benefits offered by nature.

Benefits of Nature:

In this modern world, we are able to see many people suffering from stress and mental health issue. One of the best solution offered by renowned doctors are meditation in a peaceful environment or visiting a calm place. It helps in keeping the mind calm and peaceful. Hence mother nature acts as healing medicine for all mental health issues.

According to many scientists, the solution for all issues related ted to health can be solved by quality food and water consumed by our body. Water acts as has a major component in the process of maintaining one’s weight. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth. A body cannot produce Vitamin D on its own. Hence it’s necessary for humans to consume Vitamin D from outside. The major source of vitamin D is from the Sun. There are other minerals essential for our body which is obtained from the soil through the vegetables.

These are some of the benefits offered by nature. But we can see natural minerals getting exploited due to various reasons like the construction of buildings in inappropriate places etc. Hence it’s our duty to protect nature from any destruction and getting destroyed by our human existence.

Long 500 words essay on nature for class 6-9

Introduction: One of the blessings we have acquired from God is ‘Nature’. Nature has a lot of things to offer us. The five elements of nature are the Sun, water, air, sky, and earth. Let’s see the nature of the five elements as below

Gifts of Nature: Air is one of the important component components of our survival. Air helps in breathing and helps the lungs to function properly.

Water is an essential element of human lives existence. It has many health benefits for both humans and animals.

Earth: Mother Earth is the reason for our existence. Without Earth, our lives would not exist. It helps in the proper balance of all the essential elements for human life to live on earth.

Sun: It produces heat and light which is essential for all beings. It also improves the brain to function properly which in turn enhances the mood of humans. It’s the major producer of Vitamin D.

Sky: It is the cause of all climatic condition that influences life.

Types of Degradation

Pollution: This has been the major problem faced by all the countries. The various types of pollution are noise pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, etc. Pollution can be caused by vehicles, crackers, factories, etc.

The effects of pollution have a bad effect on the future generation. Some of the ways to reduce pollution are

  • Reduce the usage of cars, bikes
  • Avoid building factories near the  residential areas
  • Avoid  burning crackers
  • Avoid using plastic in all the forms
  • Avoid disposing of the waste material in the ocean

Deforestation: The construction of buildings, wood extraction have been some of the major reasons for deforestation. Humans have been cutting down a major part of the forest area, trees alongside the roads. As a result of which deforestation has been increased to a larger extent. Some of the effects of deforestation area

  • Soil erosion – deforestation causes displacement of the upper layer of the soil
  • Deforestation is one major reason for the reduction in rainfall. This, in turn, impacts the climatic conditions.
  • Impure air which causes many health issues

To avoid deforestation, reduce the amount of forest been destroyed every year. We should plant more trees.

Water degradation: Water degradation had always been overlooked by us. It’s caused by all the impure materials deposited in the ocean, river. The major cause of water degradation is due to oil spills. There have been severe health hazards for both humans and sea animals. Consumption of impure water can even cause death. This has resulted in the reduction of water bodies.  There are a lot of ways to reduce these issues. some of them are

  • Avoid disposing of impure chemicals in the water marital
  • Avoid oil spills in the ocean

In the process of advancement, We have been exploiting nature. As a result of which the five elements of nature have lost their value. We think nature is acting weird nowadays. But we always fail to find the reason ‘why’.  We are engrossed in its benefits, in the process of which we forget to preserve it. We need to persevere our nature which in turn will protect us.

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