Essay on coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has become an important topic to be discussed, and all students should have information about COVID-19. To give you complete knowledge of coronavirus, its birth to finding it’s treatment, All are combined here in the form of essay. The essay on coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 600+ words for students who want to get a brief description of the virus. So without delay get into the topic.

Essay on coronavirus / COVID-19


A kind of virus that attacks in the respiratory tract and takes the lives. It was a transmission disease, which transmits very fast. The virus first found in the city of Wuhan, China, and suddenly it spread into the whole world. There was a complete lockdown in some countries. You can assume as the entire world was locked down. Superpower countries like America have suffered a lot from COVID-19. In the world of advanced technology and medical sciences, there was no proper treatment of COVID-19. The whole world was harassed on finding the vaccine for coronavirus. The disease suddenly wrote a history when it was declared as a pandemic by WHO(world health organization). Around 30 lakh, people had suffered, and 2 lakh people died globally. The surprising scenario was not less than any giant when we see the numbers of a virus and rapidly attacking the people.

essay on corona_virus / COVID-19
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Starting scenario of coronavirus

It was the year of 2019 when a piece of surprising news was booming worldwide. The report was of ‘coronavirus,’ a new virus which was terrifying people in China and slowly worldwide. Up to the last of 2019, thousands of people were dead in China due to COVID-19. It was transmitting very fast among the people. It also carries from non-living things to the human body and vice versa. Scientists and doctors ensure the birth of coronavirus. According to them, several factors depending on the birth of the coronavirus such as deforestation, making homes where it was a big forest earlier. People are taking meat from many wild animals. These are all reasons for coronavirus. Science says its invention is due to the changing lifestyle of the human being, which is crucial for the planet and breaking the ecosystem of living animals in forests.

Due to deforestation and living people in such places and eating the meat of wild animals, which destroyed the life cycle, and those bacteria enter the human body. The scientists also ensure that COVID is not a new disease. Earlier COVID is named and discussed as an acute respiratory syndrome with the same symptoms as cough, cold, etc. But due to the fastest mutation rate, this virus has taken a form of complicated structure, which is tuff to break. Soon up to the last of January 2020 and February, it was already transmitted worldwide. The number of patients and dead people has increased. Suddenly who declared it as a pandemic.

The situation of COVID-19 pandemic and treatment

Scientists and doctors from the world were researching the vaccine of COVID-19. The task was not so easy because the mutation rate of the coronavirus is too faster. It was changing its structure with every other transmission in the human body. The antidote was not possible to make for every individual patient. Stopping the transfer of the virus was the only way to save lives to date. Soon the government of every country started taking protection to save the country and lives. There was no vaccine or antidote yet found for the treatment. There was the only way to save the lives that is Stop transmission of the viruses.

To stop transmission of the virus, India and many counties soon prevented people from traveling out of the country. Still, the transfer was fast. India and many counties steps to the lockdown to save lives. The industries, Bus, Rail, Flight everything stopped. People were not allowed to come out of the home. The country like India and some others were shut down for an indefinite time. The situation was very tuff for many people, and there were no other options. Government and NGOs helped their best for the needy people. Taste for the vaccine was going on, but still, there was time to get the vaccine ready. Rapid testing was being done in the red zone areas to identify the patient and isolate them. Every suspect was on quarantine for 14 days. Yet the vaccine was to come to the market.

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