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Welcome, all the learners to the vast topic that is an essay on education. Today whatever we are due to knowledge. We can never ignore the importance of education. So today, we are going to discuss the essay on the education system of India. As always, to make it easy for all, we have divided the essay into two pieces. One is short, and another is long. So let’s start it. At the end of both, you will also find the pdf files of each.

Short essay on education

It is said that education is the only weapon that can change the world. Education is a doorway to success. It differentiates us from other human beings. It plays a vital role in passing on to the values and culture of our society from older to younger ones. To live a decent and dignified life, one must be educated.

Education helps us to fare better and open many opportunities in front of us to earn and sustain our lives. It makes us more confident and makes an individual a rational thinker and enables them to see the world beyond their surroundings to develop a much broader and humanist outlook. It makes people aware of their rights and duties and also ensures that they are not prone to suppression of any kind.

The Indian education system at a glance

Education is still a luxury in India than a necessity. Even today, there are many unfortunate children for whom education is a far-off dream. Lack of resources, awareness, and poverty are the main reasons behind this. They face the problem of unemployment because they are uneducated and therefore trapped in this vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy. However, the government is running various policies and programs, but it needed to be implemented more effectively. Awareness is still needed especially in rural areas and in places where school dropout rates are high. Also, the government should ensure the regulation of the quality of education in government schools then only it will be considered as a successful move.

An educated population is an asset to the country’s growth and development. The importance of education can be understood by the fact that “Right to Education” is provided as a fundamental right in the Indian constitution. We need to make sure that nobody is restrained from getting an education, then only our nation can achieve success as a whole.

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How can we improve education system in India essay?

Long essay on education

Education is one of the most important tools in one’s life. It helps in the complete development of personality and attitude. Education is a door to opportunities. Education qualification is the essential thing which an employer looks for. An educated person can educate many others. Education should be counted in the necessities if a country has an educated population than no one can stop that country from being a developed country. Culture kills many problems like poverty, unemployment, social evils, and many others. An increase in knowledge decreases crime rates. Educated people are well aware of what is right and what bad for society is.

Importance of Education

An educated population makes a better society. Education helps in changing our perception. It broadens our thinking and creativity. It helps us to understand our responsibility towards our society. It gives us the power of transformation, which is good. It teaches us to raise voice against crimes. With the help of proper education, we do not need to depend on other people to complete our necessities. Not only ending necessity we can live a luxurious life if we are well educated. A good education system not only gives us bookish knowledge but also taught moral and social values. It develops the skills of a person. A good education makes us a better communicator. We learn excellent communicating skills which help in building a relationship with others. It gives a sense of confidence in one. It helps us understand law and order.

Issues with the Indian education system

There are many problems faced by the Indian education system. The main problem is the system itself. In our education system marks matters more than the skills of a person. Students are judged based on their marks. The examinations taken by the students are nothing more than a memory test. India is a country where the highest number of educational institutes is there, but still many students find abroad to study as a better option than studying in India. And the main reason behind this is the problem of ‘reservation’. In India, seats in colleges and schools are reserved for minorities, STs and SCs. Due to this, many deserving students don’t get opportunities in studying in good schools and colleges.

Why the unemployment rate is high in India?

Not only in education, but reservation is also provided to these communities in jobs as well. Lack of funds is another challenge to the Indian education system. Due to this, schools are unable to hire the best teachers for the students. Students do not get proper facilities like laboratories, libraries, computer systems in school which directly or indirectly affects their education.

Many parents cannot afford the cost of education. The fee in government school is low, but the quality of education provided there is also little. Not in every government school, but most of them are inferior in delivering quality education. And if we talk about private schools, the quality of education provided there is high, but the fee is also very high. Some schools charge up to 6 lacks for a single academic year. If it’s compared to the Indian population, which is increasing day by day, the educational institutes are less in number. Also, technology in schools and colleges are not up to date.

how to improve education system in india?

No challenges or problems are permanent. The issues of the Indian education system can be overcome by taking some essential measures. It can be rectified by giving more importance to practical knowledge. Students should not be judged based on their marks. Proper funds should be arranged by the government to provide proper necessary facilities to the students. The reservation system should be removed from the education system to control the problem of brain drain. The teachers should be trained first to teach effectively and efficiently. Restrictions should be implemented in private schools, and colleges do not charge too high fees from students. Upgradation of technology should be done for better learning. To minimize the wastage of resources, students should be encouraged to complete their higher studies ‘Kyunki padhega India tabhi to badhega India!’.

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