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Short essay on digital India

Digital India is a program launched by the government of India for the digital empowerment of the country in the field of technology.  It provides easy access to all resources and services within less time of delivery. It was launched on July 1, 2015, by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The main objective of this mission was to connect the rural area with a high-speed Internet network to improve digital literacy.

The core components of Digital India are the development of secure and stable infrastructure, delivering services digitally, and universal digital literacy. BharatNet, digital locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign, e-shopping, and national scholarship portal are some of the facilities which are provided under this campaign. Under this campaign, a training program called Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDisha) was executed, which covers six crore rural households digitally literate by March 2020. This program includes 40% of rural households.

The main vision area under this campaign are:

  • Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen.
  • Governance and services on demand
  • Digital empowerment of citizens

Digital India is an umbrella program that covers many departments. Some other programs under this campaign are e-Cabinet, e-Pagati, Budhaar, e-Patna, and Loan charge. During this entire Digital India campaign, an increase of 51% has seen in e-commerce and 500 million internet subscribers until 2017. Broadband services are provided in 2.5 lakh villages and wifi in 2.5 lakh schools, universities by 2019. The Digital India plan could uplift GDP by $1 trillion by 2025.

essay on Digital India

Long essay

A campaign launched in 2015, named Digital India, was instigated by the government of India to stimulate the government services that are made available to citizens electronically by enhanced online infrastructure and by increasing internet connectivity. Digital India program was mainly incorporated to turn this developing country more in the digitalizing world. To reach all around the world, away the digital platform is likely to enhance more of progress in this developing country. Being established on 1 July 2015, by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is both assignee and enabler to other key Government schemes like Make In India, Startup India, Bharatmala Sagarmala.

Steps to succeed in this digital India mission

Working towards Digital India, the government has won in its first step, which was enabling Digital Aadhar card services. The country is solely performing on this platform, gaining a high range of prons. It primarily aims to improve technology access all around the country, which specifies a convert from traditional country to a digitally enabled society. It purely ensures that the facility is available to every resident electronically everywhere. The Government of India has highly taken steps to the digital growth of the country by a growing partnership with various online portals providing a high range of e-services. The Government of India has engrossed above one lakh crore by launching many schemes. Digital India includes a national scholarship portal, e-health, digital locker, e-education, and e-sign.

The new India

The Digital framework allows the residents to access government services using digital identity, where most of the services are online under this initiative, which includes signing up online, uploading documents digitally, and so forth. The objectives of this program are way simple as it sums up: A protected, reliable digital infrastructure linking to each region in-country, easy access to digitally delivering government services, which are e-governance and then digital literacy of crowds. This project seems as thriving to a way successful path as the internet usage in India raises to 500 million users in 2017.

The government worked to cover more and more people in this scheme. The government whereas has termed to reach a $5 trillion digital economy. Digital India mission has directly implied by the government in the Union Budget 2019, and it termed that around 1200 rural post offices have also been a part as they are linked to this program. Impacts of the Digital India Programme is way long as termed to economic impact, as this can surely uplift the GDP of our country then social implications as it will help in the growth of socio-economic status.

Digital india essay conclusion

Apart from that, it also has an environmental impact as it leads to a reduction in carbon footprints for our upcoming generation. A digitally connected India can surely come up with various positive economic, social, and environmental impacts as once placed individually. This can ultimately be achieved by the development of multiple factors like non-agricultural economic activities. At the same time, this can not personally make a stand in the overall country development but can surely be an essential factor in our country’s prosperity.

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