Corruption -it’s cause and solution

Mbthought presents another important essay topic that is essay on corruption. It’s a very serious issue and we should all be aware of it. So today we are going to discuss different aspects of corruption its cause and a brief solution in this essay on corruption. As always we have prepared two topics on this one is short and another is long. So let’s go into it.

Short essay on corruption

Corruption is dishonesty performed by an entrusted authority or organization for personal gain. Fraud may include activities like taking bribes, manipulation in granting government jobs, misusing, or manipulation of public money. Asking for more money for giving service, and many more. Corruption is done by people who are in a dominant position like business managers or government officials (police, ministers, and other public servants). A glance to the reason of corruption

A glance to the reason of corruption

One of the significant reasons behind corruption is the lack of transparency in deals and affairs. If a government official grants a job to the wrong person (it can be any of his friends) by rejecting the most right candidate no one goes there to cross-check. Also, a desire to have more and more; in simple words, greed causes corruption. Some people are forced to do crime because their pay scales are low. The tolerance of fraud by the people is another great cause of corruption. Corruption can lead to unemployment, a decrease in wealth of the Indian economy, poverty. Corruption is the leading cause of the income gap. Rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

Ways to get rid of this crime

Corruption can be stopped by increasing transparency. E-transaction should be done, and its information should be provided. Proper pay should be given to employees who can prevent them from doing corruption. People should not have fear from the authorities who do such practices. They should not tolerate corruption and help others by supporting them. Strict punishments and fast actions must be taken against those who do such a crime. And awareness should be spread among people to take a step against corruption.

essay on corruption

Long essay on corruption (600 words)

Corruption is a frequent action carried out in every type of organization. It is an unlawful use of public power to aid a private interest. Fraud may include various illegal actions like swindling and bribery, though it may also include activities that are legal in some or other cases in some countries. Corruption is dynamic as it can occur in any phase either it be on small-scale between a small group of people within the small organization or a large-scale basis, occurring within a large organization or large group of people. It shows the usual symptoms of organized crime. Corruption and crime are pestilent sociological occurrences that are seen with regular frequency on a global scale.

How people get into the crime?

Even when the corruptive illegal practices differ among various scales, but the causes stay constant. Taking a high field survey on what factors can substitute corruption causes, some researches have come up with results. Then as we know, reasons differ from individual to individual, but when summing up those, there are some common factors loaded up. Firstly, greediness, a fatten inheritance every individual is grossing to. As the era of now, none of an individual is satisfied in their needs, while they have many enlarging wants leading to desires and greediness.

Secondly, poverty, a person with less satisfaction either causes personal matters or anything. They flow out to earn more in one or another way, and this is the main reason for many other crimes all around the world, which is the ultimate reason to give a high check on this problem. Thirdly, low level of education. Illiteracy has always been a prior reason people don’t merely understand which practice stands to be correct and which is an illegal one. There are many other factors comprising causes viz.

Low economic freedom, lack of autonomy, lack of accountability, lack of independent detective agency, large ethnic divisions, political instability, extravagant family, weak property rights, and many more. But these causes nowhere to state the reason to perform such illegal actions.

voice against corruption

But then the next voice arises to stop corruption effectively. Strategies placed to counter back the crime is termed as anti-corruption. Placing out the strategy, they are surely needed a high stand as on to work for. The first step here can be, by providing a primary form of education as of a minimum level to make people understand which activities are legal or illegal in terms of government or national policies. Then providing essential pieces of training to employees about how to avoid corruption in their daily practices. The main stop will be placed when people being a victim of this crime step up to raise their voice, throwing off their fear to speak.

Then even by ending impunity, we can place a step towards anti-corruption strategies, as effective law enforcement is necessary to ensure the corrupt are punished and break the cycle of impunity or freedom for punishment. promotion of transparency and access to information can even be a step ahead as it increases the responsiveness of government bodies, while simultaneously having a positive effect on public participation in the country. There are also other places of improvement which can ultimately stand a firm way for corruption viz. closing international loopholes, empowering citizens, reforming public administration, and by introducing various anti-corruption programs.


There are various forms of corruption in various sectors which are all unpredictable in the way they are performed but they are mortal. Just a high voice against these activities and a clear word NO can ultimately stop it. Prevent it everywhere and raise a voice against it all where.

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