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Child labour essay above 250 words

Child labour is a hilarious activity in society. This is a crime. The age in which a boy or girl learn or adopt the lifestyle, In this age, the children work as a labour. The country has no future where it’s future youths are not safe. In the time of getting education children are working in hotels for serving foods and washing dishes. Under 14th age is considered a child. Every child has the right to education at this age. This is the time not to work but to build himself. However, such a situation comes where a child involves himself in work at the age of playing.

The result of child labour in any nation is not hidden to people. When the future youths of the nation will be working a labour job besides learning and getting an education the nation will definitely get backward. Education is the primary key which helps in the development of the country. People have to be educated to stop child labour. We must give the right education to the children. The government of India has started many acts to give the right to education to the children.

The biggest thing is to change the mentality and awareness which can change this society. We should give educational and financial supports to poor families as best as possible. This is how we can stop chill labour and can make our nation great. November 14 is observed as International Children’s Day to draw the attention of the world to the problem of neglected and exploited child laborers in the lower strata of the society.

Child labour essay

Child labour essay above 600 words


Every child is the future of this nation. All the strengths and possibilities are hidden inside these little bodies. It’s believed and said that today’s child will be the future of tomorrow. So to have a bright future of our nation and the children we all have responsibilities towards the children. We all should educate them and show them the right path of living. In this journey of life, there are some children who have no access to education. Education is the primary right of all the children but due to lack of financial supports, They work hard for a living. They are forced to work as labour at a very cheap price. Some child works very hard due to a lack of food.

Child laborers and it’s reasons

Under fourteen, age is considered as children. This is the age when children prepare themselves, learns, and get educated. Weak and helpless children under the age of fourteen are employed in farms, household chores, shops, restaurants, etc. to earn a living. At the age when a child is supposed to go to school with books, notebooks, pencils, play with his classmates with joy, the child has to go down in search of a livelihood. These immature laborers are called child laborers. When a father fails to support his family due to poverty, he fails to give the right of education to his child. Thus, once a child is separated from his family, or steps to earn his living individually, he lost himself unknowingly among those countless people.

There is a vast number of people living in our country below the poverty line. Sectarianism, political upheaval, and brutal parental behavior are primarily responsible for this problem. Most of the families in rural areas are unaware of education, and often parents fail to send their children to school due to financial crisis. The children belong to some low-income families are hopeless to set foot on this path to survive.

Effect of child labour

Due to a lack of education and unawareness of parents, they do not give much importance to the school. The children lose the patience to continue reading and writing after 10/15 years. Lack of educational materials and opportunities and indifference of parents towards the evils of child labor are intensifying child labor. This increases the unemployment rate in our country. The country gets backward. When the state has no empowered youths, it will be an underdeveloped country. Children work as labour is an inhumane act. The consequences are horrendous not only in our country but also in any other country.

As a result of population growth and deteriorating economic conditions, the number of child laborers is increasing day by day. They are suffering from various diseases due to malnutrition, However, as a result of substance comes into contact with the environment and pollute less than the age of eye disease, including lung problems, cancer, and other. There will be no one to challenge social rules, and the whole nation may come at a risk.

Ways to stop child labour

Awareness, education is the primary key to stop child labour. Apart from that the financial help also plays an important rule to stop it. People should be educated in the country so that they can be responsible. Awarding people about child labour and the effect of it can optimize it to some extend. Government schools, colleges are some reliable financial help to poor families.

Government Initiatives to stop child labour

November 14 is observed as International Children’s Day to draw the attention of the world to the problem of neglected and exploited child laborers in the lower strata of the society. The government has enacted various laws to prevent child labor—expansion of education, raising awareness, and alleviating poverty. There is also a need for strict labor laws to avoid it. The government should increase the master practical enough to keep an eye on it. The real solution to all problems with the law can kill it because it is not possible to eradicate all child labor unit to be determined.


The development of humanity and the greater good of the nation need to prevent child labor. Our lack of goodwill and sincerity is mainly responsible for the inability to spend money to solve the problem of child labor.

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