Friendship / Best friend essay for school students

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250 words essay on Friendship / Best friend for class 1-5

The best friend of a person is the closest and most special person in a person’s life. The best friend is the one with whom we share the most important and important things of our life. Best friends always support each other’s talk. And friendship means acquainting and liking each other’s minds. People who are friends talk with each other and spend time together. They trust each other very much and whenever someone gets in trouble and help each other. Friends are people who are trusted.  Generally, friends have similar interests.

Role of friends:

True friends share and support each other even in the most difficult of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success and feels sad when we get more success. Fights for silly things with us. And hugs us the second time we get angry at ourselves when we make a mistake. There is a true friend about friends who can understand us without the need to speak.

Role of friendship:

A person is familiar with many people in his life.  However our closest friends become … You may have a great friend circle in school or college, but you know that you only trust one or two and with whom you share true friendship. There are essentially two types of friends.  One is a good friend and the other is a true or best friend. He is the one with whom we have a special bond of love and affection. In other words, being a true friend, our life is easy and full of happiness.

Friendship / Best friend essay

Long 500 words essay on Friendship / Best friend for class 6-9

Friendship is considered to be one of the thousands that one can have. God has given us the freedom to choose our friend as it is for life. It is perfectly normal for our parents and siblings to love us because they are our own and their own blood. But a friend is one who is initially a stranger, but later occupies a place above all other relations. Friendship is nothing but word love without expectation.

Definition of a best friend is a person whom you value more than other friends in your life. Someone you have fun with, someone you trust, and someone you trust.  This best friend is an example of you when you first call or want out to eat to get the good news.

Why is friendship and best friend important in our life?

Best friend: A good friend gives happiness without any reason or reason.  Being a close friend increases our mood quickly. A best friend makes you smile.  He makes your thoughts more positive and makes you a happier person. A true friend can reduce your stress.  If you are under stress and it can make you feel better. In this way, it creates a comfort zone for you and helps in reducing your stress levels. When you are close to your friend, you know that you can be yourself. Your friend knows everything about you whether it is bad or everything is good.

A best friend knows your strengths and weaknesses and may find a suitable word to describe how it is? Sometimes a close friend is a person who knows that you are better at doing yourself and he is afraid to tell you those things, then you do not want to tell yourself. Your best friend also enhances your personal development as you both share experiences. This can be very useful for you because when you get stuck it is good to hear what other people are doing. Therefore your close friend is a powerful stimulus for your development.


It is very important to have a friend in life.  Every friend is important and they matter in circumstances known to us. When some situations are admitted which should be supported by our friends. A person can never feel alone in this world that he embraces true friends. Then depression prevails in the lives of people who are not friends regardless of the billions of people on the planet. Friends are especially important in the midst of an emergency and difficulties.

There are friends on whom you can depend which can boost your confidence. Then again the absence of friends can make you feel alone and without help which makes you powerless for various issues. Being no less than a single person, whom you can depend on, will boost your confidence.


That’s why instead of valuing the best friend, you really have to understand how a best friend can change your life, and only then you can understand the importance of a good friend. Friendship is important in the life of individuals.  Friendship makes one feel connected and dependent. The stability of friendship depends on its formation and intention during formation. Long-lasting friendship is not based on materialistic gains.  Its salvage is based on pure emotion.

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