Annual day celebration

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Short essay

Annual day is celebrated in all school and colleges. The day is celebrated because the students of the school or college get a promotion every year. So to compare them with another standard batch of the students as well as to keep their activeness in the cultural program this kind of organisation is held. Generally, it is celebrated with the whole batch of the students of college or school. The program is hosted by the teacher and the main audience of the program is our parents. At several places, it’s celebrated differently. Somewhere it is celebrated with sports function, somewhere with a cultural program, duet general knowledge competition etc. The day keeps much important for the students because they get the opportunity to present them near all.

They get a chance to show their hidden potential. The best performer is respected with a student of the year award. In some school, colleges the annual day is celebrated as the farewell ceremony of the final year students. In that case, every student of final year batch shares their journey of that school or college. They individually present their program. In my school, this annual day is celebrated as a program for the enjoyment of the students. All kind of sports along with cultural programs are organised by our teacher’s. Every student takes part in the activities with their liabilities. Teachers encourage us to perform our best. A grand party is also organised by our teacher. At last of the program, our teachers gift us upon our performance. In this way, the celebration ends.

Annual day celebration
Annual day celebration

Long essay on Annual day celebration

Annual day is celebrated every year in our school. This is celebrated with the parents, students of the whole year of batch and it’s teachers. All the parents are invited to this celebration. All the students get prepare for cultural programs as a group and single dances, songs, drama’s etc. This celebration helps the students to attract their interest in cultural activity. They get passionate about one of the art. This way they also get an opportunity to find their passion and can also choose their carrier in that passion. This is the reason why this annual function is important to celebrate in all school colleges. The celebration also increases the competition among the students which helps them to perform more better. Students get a chance to represent them near a big audience.

Annual sports are also held in some school/colleges. Annual sports are organised first for 3-4 days and then the annual function is held in our school. In the annual sports, almost all games are played. All boys and girls seriously participate with a deep wish to win. Cricket, football, badminton etc tournaments are organised separately for boys and girls. Long jump, high jump, 200 meters, 500-meter running race are some most challenging competition. This year the annual sport continued for 4 days in our school and was the most lovable days for all sports lover. And next week the annual function was held in our school.

Annual day celebration in school

The Army Base Commandant was the chief guest for this program. The school auditorium had been prepared for the program. It was decorated with flowers of papers and light. It was looking awesome the whole auditorium. The chief guest arrived in time and he was welcomed with a flower bouquet. The program was hosted by a teacher. At the beginning of the program, the welcome song was sung by the little students and then the program began. All the participant performed their best. The teacher was hosting the program very well. He didn’t give a single chance to get bored with the audience. He was making jokes through his anchoring to pull the concentration of the audience.

Our principle respected him with the best teacher award to that teacher. He did very nice poetry at the end of the program. Principle sir read out the final report of the school. And then our chief guest awarded to all sports winner in the annual sport of our school. The top performer was awarded student of the year award. All the participant have also gifted a cup. And in this way with the national song, the program ended and then all the student took the meal with their parents on the organised party. Students introducing friends and their family with each other. It was an unforgettable event of the year.

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